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Pink Haired Zombie Deluxe
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Date Created:2006-09-29
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Yiyo is the Pink Haired Zombie. She likes to drown herself into tons and tons of Horror related shit: Cheap Zombie flicks, Survival Horror Games and Stephen King novels. She's a Games nerd, a tomboy; She's pierced and tattoed. In her free time, she tries to act like a mangaka and/or a photographer; also, she tends to speak in many languages, such as spanish, english, and japanese. A Yiyo comes with an Anathema included, which makes her uber happy. Also, 80's music, goth, metal are usually used to attract her.
Strengths: Honesty. A Hard head. Quick hands.
Weaknesses: Is hard for a Yiyo to have a high selfesteem, but she keeps trying.
Special Skills: She probably has bigger boobs than you, and she swears like a pirate.
Weapons: A giant cleveage, and any blunt object near her reach.
Likes and Dislikes: Likes: Her Boyfriend, Videogames, Boardgames, Z flicks, Geekening, Japanese and Chinese Culture, music, Photography and Drawing. Dislikes: that there's a 150 characters limit in this trading cards generator.

David King Color Bar by Yiyo
I claimed David King from Resident Evil Outbreak series in iwant2claimthis
- so Mr King is mine.. MINE..! -

I belong with David KingI Belong with David King version 2.0
I Resemble Ada WongI Resemble Ada Wong version 2.0My pet would be a Hunter
David King Fan

In my dreams I've seen ◊UBOAあああ◊

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